Wildlife Removal Defined

skunkWildlife removal is the necessary removal of species of animals that can be either indigenous or invasive to a geographical area. The reasons for removal are varied and may include illness of the animal or potential threat to humans. The first example could be the result of rabies and the latter is often caused by encroachment by humans on the natural habitat of bears, raccoon’s and other creatures. If you need assistance with wild animals contacting Chicago skunk removal is an immediate solution.

Human Interaction

The majority of calls for animal removal can be linked back to the practice of humans ill advised interaction with these critters. People find certain species cute and therefore non threatening, which causes them to interact in inappropriate ways. Squirrels and raccoons are two of the most common animals that are deemed harmless and are domesticated by humans. Society has come to accept the practice of leaving out food for these tiny mammals, training them to relate people with food.

The invasion Begins

Aside from feeding raccoon’s there are several measures you can take to keep them from invading your space. First determine how the animals are getting in by inspecting the exterior of your house, including the foundation and eaves of roofs. A common entry for these pests is doggie doors, which allow a highway of sorts for all types of animals.

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The second largest unwanted animal population is squirrels, who gain access into your home from the roof, taking up residency in your attic and chewing on wires. Their teeth are so strong that they are able to chew through almost any material, including metal. Again, food is the biggest attraction for the critters, so take down bird feeders and stop leaving peanuts on the wood deck. Removing any trees that butt up or are close to your house can also be a deterrent.

Other animals that are endangered by this practice are geese and other migrating waterfowl. People actually do more harm than good when feeding these birds such items as bread and popcorn because this type of food poses a choking threat. Once birds have established an area as their territory they become aggressive and will produce an unwanted amount of feces on the human offender’s property.

An ounce of Prevention

Prevent the recurrence of pests by sealing up an holes with materials such as mesh, glass or concrete. Repellents can be used to discourage the return of animals, safe sprays are available which have a strong odor that creatures find offensive. No matter which method you choose be sure that you are aware of local laws concerning the protection of specific species.